MCU-DM is the miniature electronic control unit with dimmer function, for wireless and wired control of LED lights, and resistive, inductive and capacitive loads (standard and electronic transformers) up to 150 W.
2 wired inputs that can be set, including a specific one-hour fade function.
Wide-ranging and accurate dimmer function; fade on and off that can be set to between 0 and 10 seconds.
The ISM (industrial, scientific and medical) radio frequency band guarantees a long range, even through walls and ceilings.
Simple programming with dip-switch, reduced dimensions with breakable tabs for fixing with screws or for insertion into interconnection boxes with 55 mm diameter.
Working temperature -20°C~+50°C
Settable functions::

  • Soft ON (0-0.5-2-4-10 seconds)
  • Soft OFF (0-0.5-2-4-10 seconds)
  • Storage of last intensity and colour selected
  • Minimum intensity setting
Radio functions:

  • On / Off
  • Dimmer intensity
  • Soft close 1h
Wired input functions:

Mod2 1

  • P1: On / Off – Dimmer intensity
  • Soft Off 1h

ModE 2

  • P1: On – Dimmer Up
  • P2: Off – Dimmer Down
Connection drawing:

Italian product

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