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Filament Coriandoli Led
G 125

G 125 blue pink

G 125 black transparent

G 125 pink transparent

G 125 grey pink

G 125 grey transparent

  • New range of LED bulbs with tinted glass in different variants: uniform, shaded, twin-color.
    The particular shapes of glass bulbs and the curved Led filament enhance the colours and create unique scenarios and games of colour.
  • The lamps are an explosion of colours, a cheerful and whimsical party or an elegant manifestation of styles that goes well with any one. Curved Led filaments are an art, they are not just light sources.
  • Operation Temperature: -20°C~+50°C
  • Long life
  • Wide light output
  • Dimmable with IGBT dimmer led

Filament Coriandoli G125 Led cod. 700266.00A 700267.00A 700268.00A 700269.00A 700270.00A