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DAYLIGHT ITALIA is a company that mainly designs and manufactures innovative, high-quality light bulbs with a unique design, which furnish, excite and which are able to generate a very high lumen output. Work, commitment and passion for light, this is our engine.

The range consists of bulbs with fine finishes such as the Porcelain series: uniform light, high visual comfort; The Crystal series: Sparkling light with elegant reflections.

Many bulbs have CRI90, we reach up to CRI95, almost all of them are dimmable. We are among the European companies with the most complete range of decorative bulbs: over 800 bulb codes, over 350 decorative and design bulbs, over 30 registered patents, over 100 bulbs for specialists (R125, PAR56, T38, …).

The range is completed by a large choice of accessories: lamp holders designed and coordinated with the light bulbs, ceiling base, textile cables and bases that make up unique, aesthetically beautiful finished objects.

We are based in Milan (Italy), where we have the main warehouse. We also have branches in France, Spain, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands. We have a competent and customer-oriented office. For us, service and the customer are very important.

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