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Ciaobella Led

Ciaobella Delo 180/220/260 led

  • Led bulb with an extremely elegant and precious shape. The large size, the porcelain-like finishing, the high flux, the refined design, the high visual comfort make this bulb a unique and refined masterpiece capable of furnishing and illuminating all environments, domestic, commercial, small and large. A true work of art that starts from Italian design, marries ancient master glassmakers and merges with the best and most efficient LED technology.
  • Registered design
  • High CRI
  • Operating temperature: -20 ° C ~ + 50 ° C
  • IC Driver constant current design
  • Wide light emission
  • Long duration
  • High energy savings
  • Inside vacuum lamp with the addition of special gases to allow the correct dissipation of the LED temperature
  • Dimmable with triling edge dimmer

Ciaobella cod. 700481.0oL – 700480.0oL – 700479.0oL – 700350.0oL – 700349.0oL – 700246.0oL

The bulbs are finished by hand so they can undergo aesthetic variations