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Filament 5V Line

A new concept of very low voltage bulb, 5V, is born, compatible with the most common power supply systems thanks to the USB standard or the use of common 1.2V batteries easily available on the market.

IIn combination with our bases with battery support, the
numerous available shapes of bulbs allow unique and original combinations. The light bulb becomes an object that accompanies the person in his movements: in the room, at dinner, in the living room…

The light bulb and the batteries at the end of their life are replaced giving new life to the lamp.

The 5V bulb has the electronics inside for its correct functioning, it does not require any other additions other than the external power supply. In this way the final object is cheap, but very effective.

  • High CRI
  • Operating temperature: -20°C ~ +50°C
  • Wide light output
  • Long duration
  • High energy savings
  • Internal vacuum lamp with the addition of special gases to allow proper dissipation LED temperature.

ST64 cod. 700463.00A – Zante cod. 700464.00A – G125 cod. 700465.00A – G125 Cup cod. 700466.00A – Eos cod. 700467.00A