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The new legislation and the continuous improvement of product performance could change some parameters shown in this text.

The changes also include the variation and adjustment of energy labels, powers or slight dimensional changes and could therefore be reported in this catalogue in a non-definitive manner.

The high attention of Daylight Italia in maintaining the light output as long as possible, as well as the mechanical characteristics, will try to minimize the inconvenience to its precious and demanding clientele. Daylight Italia apologizes as of now for all possible changes, even if improvements, that could occur from one production batch to the next.

It should also be remembered that the delicate manufacturing processes of some light bulbs such as those belonging to the Porcelain and Coriandoli series, although they involve several steps performed by the hands of expert workers, can slightly alter the finishes between one product and another. Daylight Italia has numerous technicians who control the production process and will always monitor through strong selections of the components that everything remains as unchanged as possible. Customer satisfaction and the attention that has always distinguished us towards those who trust us will always be at the center of our choices.

Daylight Italia has always undertaken, since its origin, a pioneering path of light sources. Being at the forefront inevitably involves continuous research into finding innovative and product improvement solutions. Thanks once again to all those who rely on our seriousness and experience, renewing their trust day by day.

The Management