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Filament Porcellana Led
G50  ST64 

G50  ST64

  • LED bulb with an extremely elegant shape and precious. The finish similar to the porcelain and high comfort visual make this light bulb a unique and masterpiece refined able to furnish and illuminate all environments, domestic, commercial, small and large size. The exceptional color rendering (Ra95) also allows an extremely realistic color vision which, in addition to the high flux, make the bulb suitable to meet the needs of the most avid lovers of light. The light bulb is therefore particularly suitable for the home, making the rooms very refined in its simplicity; but also suitable for premises or activities where you want to emphasize objects and their colors.
  • Operating temperature: -20° C ~ + 50° C
  • Wide light output
  • Long duration
  • High energy savings
  • Dimmable with trailing edge dimmer

G50 cod.  700462.00A – ST6 cod. 700453.00A

The bulbs are finished by hand so they can undergo aesthetic variations