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Led Carbon Cross Spiral
C35 – G45 – A60 – ST64

C35 – G45 – A60 – ST64

  • Led bulb with innovative new generation flexible linear cobs very thin, with very high efficiency and practically identical to the old incandescent carbon filament bulbs. The extraordinary filament patented makes the light emitted unique and refined environments that use them, unique, relaxing and pleasant. The gilded glass also gives an extra touch of class unmistakable and elegant. Thanks to these characteristics that the bulbs are suitable for illuminating rooms
    of all kinds, clubs, bars, restaurants, halls, shop windows, but also homes given the very high flow emitted.
  • The new curved filament is an art, it is not just one light source. The color temperature of 2700K creates a very relaxing atmosphere, but at the same time clear for a clear view of the environment.
  • Operation Temperature: -20°C~+50°C
  • Long life
  • Wide light output
  • Dimmable with IGBT dimmer led

C35 cod. 700428.00A – G45 cod. 700429.00A – A60 cod. 700430.00A – ST64 cod. 700431.00A

The bulbs are finished by hand so they can undergo aesthetic variations